Business Zurckhaltung dominated: the DAX pushes on green Terrain |...

Zurckhaltung dominated: the DAX pushes on green Terrain | message


The DAX started the session with a discount of 0.03 percent in 12,312,44 points. After significant rashes may adhere to the stock market barometer in the profit zone and is currently trading 0.61 percent higher at 12.391,01 units.

After the course, jump to the top the day before, investors in the German stock markets undecided. The reasons for the geopolitical tensions and the spread of the Coronavirus in Beijing. In addition, the Corona pandemic had a negative impact on Japanese exports in may even more than already feared.

Geopolitical tensions in focus

On the previous day, the DAX had risen, thanks to new stimulus programs in the US and the support through Central banks increased strongly by almost three and a half per cent, and far above the 12,000-point mark established. The Korean conflict is increasing, meanwhile, is sharpness. Also tensions come now renewed between China and India.

Fear of the second Corona-shaft weighs on sentiment

After the Corona onset at a wholesale market in Beijing, the Chinese capital was sealed off also, in the meantime, in part. China was affected the first country of Corona, now China is threatening the first country to the second shaft, said market expert Thomas Altman QC partner. The question was now, whether this second wave is also other countries. Re-closures, the already gloomy economic Outlook would practice even more clouded.

Witches ‘ Sabbath on Friday

The stock trading could be influenced more by the so-called big decline. Because: on Friday, indices and shares from the run on the derivatives exchanges, futures and options on the major stock exchange. The previously rare to price fluctuations in the cash markets, the fundamental message is not to be justified.

Editorial / dpa-AFX

Image source: Julian Mezger of Finance publishing


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