Sport Zamalek agree to the resignation of Sami shishiny from...

Zamalek agree to the resignation of Sami shishiny from your Cartier because “Corona”


Officials agreed Zamalek on the resignation of Sami shishiny, the coach general of the team, I made it through the last hours of the coaching staff led by Patrice Carter, who, after working with the French coach since he took the technical tasks to the team Linda’s coaching staff for the White led by the French Patrice Cartier in leading the team towards the podium with me super African and to the detriment of Tunisian heritage sectors respectively, along with the leadership team to qualify for the semi-final Champions League Africa, where wearing the team’s confrontation with please Morocco in this role.

Confirmed Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, during the last few hours, that Sammy shishiny year coach of the team in your French Patrice Carter, who submitted his resignation from his post, added in remarks to television channels, Zamalek, that shishiny submitted his resignation from coaching the team for fear of coming off the pitch and competing, and susceptibility to HIV infection in Korea, we.

Holding Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, meeting, last Saturday, with Frenchman Patrice Cartier, and witnessed the signing of the contracts renewal Castle dead obstacle for the new season, after agreement with the French coach by Amir Murtaza admin on the ball about renewing his collaboration with the club, and to discuss the management of Zamalek strengthening your Cartier are an alternative for hookah me especially that the team has to face important with please Morocco to be the African Football “CAF”, date finished during the current period after postponed indefinitely, Within the precautionary actions to avoid the spread of MERS-CoV in addition to the return of the sports activity in Egypt during the coming period.

Received the French Patrice Cartier in the recent period, several presentations from both the state operations of the various Arab, but French coach resolved his site renewal club Zamalek, after agreeing with him to increase his contract financially worth 20%, Where he signed contracts for the continuation in time for the season extra to be closed that file in the White Castle the focus of the next phase, which will increase the size of the preparations of your team in order to prepare for the return of the active football in Egypt during the next phase, so will Mortada Mansour to discuss the Cartier in all things that belong to the next period and stability it once and for all and meet the needs of different variances in order to restore its activity after the workouts he had fought by the players in the region during the financial period, due to the freezing of the active spherical to avoid MERS-CoV.



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