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Brian Hamilton is one of the custodians of the Vancouver Canucks hockey. He admits that he enjoys working for the best hockey players in the world. However, not being a Seattle fan, it could have ended very badly with him.

The rivalry in the NHL is huge. Winning the Stanley Cup is a goal that clubs are trying to work towards in all sorts of ways.

A new team – Seattle Kraken – entered the best league in the world this season. Nadia Popoviciová made the brand most visible during the novice’s reactive performances.

The young fan and medical student worked as a volunteer at the hospital. She also spent a short time in the oncology department. Vancouver hockey players arrived in Seattle in October.

Hamilton has been working in the Canucks structures – whose jersey is currently also worn by Slovak goalkeeper Jaroslav Halák – for almost two decades.

Popovici noticed that she had a mark on the back of her neck. She pulled out her phone and wrote in large letters:

“The mark you have on your neck is cancer.”

She tried to get Hamilton’s attention, but the 47-year-old custodian initially ignored her. However, the young woman did not let herself be discouraged and eventually managed to force the attention of one of the members of the guest team.

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“I noticed the sign and I thought it looked like a melanoma.

He must have been shocked when someone from the rostrum shouted at him and told him to see a doctor, “Popovic told the overseas media.

Hamilton was surprised by the news and when he returned home he asked his wife to look at his neck as well.

“She said I had a sign of a very strange shape there,” Hamilton recalls.

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Shortly afterwards, he contacted the club doctor and the sign was removed. Later tests showed that it was really cancer.

However, she did not have time to get from the surface of the sign and Hamilton has no further difficulties.

Today, Vancouver played again in Seattle. Just like in October – when the match ended 4: 2 – he won 5: 2 and still chases the progressive eight to the playoffs.

However, the result went sideways in this case. More important was Popovic’s meeting with Hamilton.

Vancouver gave the young woman $ 10,000 to cover medical expenses.

“I wanted to thank her. To say that my mother loved her. She was relentless. She did everything to keep me interested. I wanted her to know that her approach saved my life.

It’s not easy to say something people don’t want to hear. I’m glad we met.

I can’t imagine that she would go around the world without knowing that she had saved someone’s life, “Hamilton added.

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