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Xolos made official the signing of Jose Angulo who has it 4 years without playing!

Editorial Mediotiempo

Tijuana / 16.06.2020 21:36:14

In a chapter of: ‘Things that only happen in the mexican soccer’, this Tuesday Xolos made official the signing of Jose Angulostriker ecuadorian who has not played since the 2016.

Yes, although it might seem difficult to believe, Angle took 4 years suspended after the FIFA sanctions for having tested positive to cocaine in a test in 2016after a game of Copa Libertadorestournament which was the feeling together with her Independent of the Valley that went to the Final, losing to Atletico Nacional.

In the beginning, the Conmebol so passed a year, however FIFA intervened in the case and increased by 3 more years to the penalty that has paid off this summer.

Tijuana ties from a year ago and the player was training on his own so as not to lose physical form.


Beyond everything already told, the qualities of Jose Angulo are not in doubt. It is one of the front most lethal has had Ecuador in the last few years and as demonstrated at the international level.

In that Libertadores 2016 it was the fourth best scorer and had a memorable night to be one of the protagonists of the historical removal Boca Juniors in La Bombonera.




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