www. we won. com Open for registration, we won 7,000 baht for the last day.

website www. we won. com Open for registration to claim the rights 7,000 baht, the last day to hijack people, receive SMS informing the registration is not successful, expedite the process to complete within February 12, 64 before 11:00 PM.

Ms. Kulaya Tantitemit, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO), a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, said that tomorrow (February 12, ’64) is the last day for project registration open.We win For the general public Those who have registered but received an SMS saying “Failed to register” can register again via the website. www. we won. com Immediately and must be completed within February 12 only.

The number of people registered for the general public from 29 Jan 64 until now. It was found that more than 10.73 million people enrolled through a preliminary qualification screening before accepting the right of the project.We winMore than 6.8 million people


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