Wow! January 4, 2022 There is a Quadrantid Meteor Shower, Here’s LAPAN’s Explanation

NORTH TIMES– Starting the year 2022 it turns out that there is a celestial phenomenon that will occur on January 4 2022.

January 4 2022 what is it ? According to information EIGHT, that on the date January 4 2022 there will be a celestial phenomenon that occurs, namely rain meteor Quadrantid.

It is further known that in 2022 there will be 10 celestial phenomena that will occur as explained EIGHT.

Of these 10 phenomena, dated January 4 2022 is the beginning and only astronomical phenomenon in January 2022.

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Then what is it like? rain quadrantid meteors on January 4 2022 ?.

As quoted by the North Times from the description EIGHT, The Quadrantid meteor shower reaches its peak in January 4 2022.

On January 4 will occur rain Quadrantid meteors from the dust remnants of asteroid 2003 EH1 and comet C/1480 Y1.

Scenery rain The Quadrantid meteor can be seen from the northeast at 04.00 WIB at dawn for 25 minutes.


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