Worker wins Coritiba and maintains 11-year taboo at State

Felipe Garcia scored one of the goals in Operário’s victory. Photo: André Oito/OFEC

It was not this time that the 11-year-old taboo fell without a victory for the coritiba in Ponta Grossa. Playing in your domains, the factory worker showed superiority and defeated Alviverde by 2 to 1, in a match valid for the second round of the Paraná Championship, at the Germano Kruger Stadium.

Since the beginning of the match, the team led by Ricardo Catala he asserted his command, cornered Coxa and put pressure to play in the visitors’ field. The chances were being created one after the other, but the opening of the score came after a goalkeeper failure Alex Muralha at the ball exit. the attacker Felipe Garcia did not forgive.

On the return to the second half, Coritiba rehearsed that it would change its stance with the entry of Luizão not place of Paul Garcia. But it didn’t last long. Then, at four minutes, the defender Marcio Silva put his hand on the ball and the penalty was awarded. In charge, the midfielder Marcelo touched the corner, Muralha even hit the corner, but the ball went in.

After the first defeat in the State, Verdão will seek rehabilitation in the Southwest of Paraná, where next Sunday (30), at 20h, the Beltrão Union at the Anilado Stadium, in Francisco Beltrão. Fantasma, on the other hand, tries to maintain 100% performance on the same day and time, but in Paranaguá, facing the White River, in the Crab.

Worker in charge in the first half

The good audience that went to the Germano Krueger he did his part, vigorously supported the Operário, and on the field the players of the home team gave the answer. There were 45 opening minutes of wide dominance by the Fantasma, against a Coritiba that did not meet and almost did not threaten the goalkeeper’s goal simon.

From the first minutes, the Ponta Grossa team tried to keep the ball more, trying to make offensive moves in multiple ways. One of the most inspired was midfielder Marcelo, the first to threaten Alex Muralha’s goal. Little by little, Operário increased the pressure on Coxa, with several steals.

Egídio suffered a lot with the right-back Arnaldo in the first half. Photo: Publicity/Coritiba

Without meeting, Alviverde also showed nervousness, which was clear in the 16th minute, when striker Alef Manga got involved in a scuffle with Operário players. It was there that the referee Robson Babinski started handing out yellow cards (only Fantasma took five, against three for Verdão), but the worst was yet to come.

At 20, Muralha tried to go out with the ball, missed and the Worker wasted no time. Following the bid, Rodrigo Pimpão scored, the goalkeeper from Coritiba gave a rebound and Felipe Garcia swung the visitors’ nets. Despite the failure, Wall redeemed itself in two straight moves, at 27 and 28 minutes, saving Coxa in two dangerous moves by the hosts.

Angry, the technician Gustavo Morinigo sent the reserves to the warm-up already in the 36th minute. The damage could have been even greater, as Pimpão asked for a penalty after a cross from the right-back Arnold, and the Worker’s attacker complained that he was pushed by Matheus Alexandre.

Simão made just one great save, at 43, in a move ended by Igor Passion. Very little for Coritiba to have better luck, and the feeling was that the partial defeat by the minimum score was a good size until that moment.

Thigh leaves in search of reaction

Morínigo took out debutant Pablo García, who was out in the initial stage, and promoted the entry of Luizão’s silver in the Coritiban attack. An arrival with one minute into the second half, in a play between Alef Manga and Igor Paixão, gave the impression that it would bring an alviverde reaction. However, the excitement was short-lived.

At 4 minutes, defender Márcio Silva avoided a probable goal by Operário by putting his hand on the ball. In the charge, Marcelo hit the corner, Muralha came to touch the ball, but it ended up entering the visitors’ goal. party of more than 2,200 fans who attended the Germano Krüger.

Trying to make the team react, the coach of Coxa promoted the entries of Nathanael, Val and Regis in the vacancies of Matheus Alexandre, Matheus Salles and Robinho, respectively. The change had an almost immediate effect, especially due to the presence of Régis, who called the game and made Verdão grow in the match.

In the 23rd minute, Coritiba’s pressure finally paid off. After crossing the area, the defender Henrique dove to lower the marker. From then on, the alviverde pressure increased in the face of a Phantom that was already more worn out and without so much breath to take advantage of spaces with counterattacks.

With ten minutes to go, Catalá closed the home team with the entry of defenders, preferring to close down and guarantee the victory than to seek the third goal. On your part, the Thigh kept pressing, with more possession of the ball and with a very different posture in relation to the first 45 minutes, but the tie did not come. Nor the end of the taboo.

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