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Woodkid live In Concert In Paris And the provinces 2021 Purchase Ticket


Toulouse, Rennes, Lille, Bordeaux, Paris, Strasbourg, Dijon and Nantes, Woodkid announced that it would in these cities by 2021 ! The tickets go on sale in just a few minutes, are you ready ? Alex reminds you of the essential information !

Woodkid live in concert in Paris and in France to 2021 : buy your ticket

In January and February 2021, Woodkid decided to come to your meeting for a moment of pure madness ! The artist lyonnais will from Rennes to Strasbourg, zigzag by Nantes, Lille and Toulouse or even Paris, the Seine river Musical. We know that you want to find it so, while the sites of ticket offices are about to open, Alex gives you his latest recommendations for you to finish ticket in hand. It would be a shame not to put all the chances on his side to go cheer Vianney !

If you want to attend, Alex shows you the two ways to purchase your tickets. It is according to your desires and/or your availability. Follow the guide :

  • Live Booker : this service innovative, safe and effectiveoffers a mandate for that you don’t have to grind to get your tickets. Doing it all at your place, in your name. You go through Live Booker and a team of experts will go to buy your ticket during the sale. This will relieve a huge stress for this event, which will be stormed by fans who will be just as… a fan as you.
  • Opening of the ticket office : The big moment is scheduled for today, Tuesday, June 16, at 10am. It must begin now, quickly open the sites of ticket primary (Digitick, Fnac Spectacles, Carrefour Shows, etc.) and joining the virtual queues, and pray that all goes glitch free. Generally, there may be connection issues, bad handling, pages that refresh without being asked…in short. It is not easy. Courage !

Information Ticket

Dates of the concerts

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 : The Freedom – Rennes
On Friday 15 January 2021 : Zenith – Lille, France
Saturday, January 16, 2021 : Zenith – Dijon
Friday, January 29, 2021 : The Arkéa Arena – Bordeaux
On Saturday 30 January 2021 : Zenith – Nantes
On Tuesday 2nd February 2021 : The Seine Musical – Paris
Saturday, February 6, 2021 : Zenith – Toulouse
On Saturday 13 February 2021 : Zenith – Strasbourg

Prices and categories

For the province :
Square Gold :€69 In
Category 1 : 55€
Category 2 : 45€
Pit : 39€

For Paris :
Square Gold : 99€
Category 1 : 65€
Category 2 : 55€
Pit : 45€

Where can I get tickets ?

► Do not let pass your chance, use Live Booker
digitick logo
► On-sale Tuesday, 16 June at 10am



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