Woman offers “human flesh” on Ebay – apartment stormed

Cannibalism alarm at the Hamburg police: A user had found a disturbing advertisement on the Internet. EA woman offered “human flesh” as a gift.

The Hamburg police went on a strange mission on Monday evening. As RTL reported on Wednesday, a man from Kellinghusen in Schleswig-Holstein had alerted the officials because he had come across an eerie offer on Ebay classifieds. A woman advertised human flesh in the “for free” section.

According to the “Hamburger Abendblatt”, the alarm bells immediately rang for the police: suspected cannibalism. The permanent criminal service turned to the public prosecutor on duty, who organized a search warrant in emergency proceedings with the judge on standby.

Conveniently, the 24-year-old had given her cell phone number in the ad, so she could be found quickly. The police stormed their apartment in Hamburg-Steilshoop – and met an irritated resident.

Artificial intelligence overestimated: Hamburgerin had dictated the ad

As it turned out, she had actually placed the ad, but had used her cell phone for voice recognition without checking the ad again. The woman had dictated “chicken meat”, the artificial intelligence made “human flesh” out of it.

After the officers actually found the chicken in the fridge, they left. According to RTL, the carelessness will probably not have any further consequences. “With a probability bordering on certainty, the public prosecutor’s office will discontinue the proceedings,” the broadcaster quoted a police spokesman as saying.

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