News With the paraglider from the Wasserkuppe to Crailsheim

With the paraglider from the Wasserkuppe to Crailsheim


On May 15, Artyom Kalinin (41) managed a record paraglider flight. With a flight distance of almost 180 kilometers, the aviation athlete from the Sauerland region broke the previous flight area record of the Wasserkuppe, according to a press release.

Followed the cloud road with the wind

Shortly before 12 noon Kalinin took off from the Wasserkuppe with his paraglider at the northeast launch site “Abtsrodaer Kuppe”. After screwing himself up to the cloud line, he followed the cloud road with the wind towards south. The very good flight conditions of the day enabled him to fly up to 2240 meters.

Artyom Kalinin in front of the Papillon flight center on the Wasserkuppe
      Photo: Artyom Kalinin

The flight route initially led him over Bad Brckenau and Lohr am Main. To the west of Wrzburg it went on down the Taubertal, past Bad Mergentheim and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Read landscape and clouds

Around 7 p.m. Kalinin landed 177.9 km south of Crailsheim. A walker who had watched the landing did not want to believe that Kalinin had actually flown from the “mountain of aviators” in the Rhn to Baden-Wrttemberg, the message went on. Spontaneously he agreed to support the cross-country plane on his way home and took him to the next train station.

“Cross-country flying has a lot to do with tactics. If you know how to read and use the landscape below and the clouds in front of you correctly, you can cover distances of 100 kilometers and more with a paraglider in the lowlands”, says Kalinin, who works in aeronautical engineering Operation on the Wasserkuppe works.

Shortly after the start on the way to Bavaria
Shortly after the start on the way to Bavaria
      Photo: Artyom Kalinin


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