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On November 19, the second day of the day will be held in the country without VAT. It will occur three days after the vaccination card for face-to-face events is chosen in Colombia, which raises the question of whether this requirement will be necessary to enter commercial establishments on the day of the VAT exemption.

A few days before this date, the mayor in charge of Bogotá, Luis Ernesto Gómez, made announcements about how the day will be controlled.

(Bars and restaurants in Bogotá agree to ask for a vaccination card).

Gómez revealed that two days before the tax exemption day, any business that wants to have a full capacity must request the vaccination card against covid-19.

“As of November 16, throughout the city of Bogotá, mass events, cultural, sports, shops, discos and bars that are at 100% capacity, and that want to use 100% of the capacity, its maximum capacity, must require the vaccination card upon entry “, said the mayor (e).

Gomez added that the District is trying to maximize vaccination coverage in the city, so that more Bogota citizens start or complete their protection schemes against the virus.

(It is a fact: vaccination card will be mandatory for events).

“It seems that some left it for the last minute because this weekend was very busy, so we will also have during this holiday bridge, a reinforcement of availability and logistical operation to vaccinate all those who require it and that on November 16 we will be ready “, the official said.



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