Why Arestovich on Bankova was a verdict on Zelensky’s personnel policy

The era is gone… Oleksiy Arestovich resigned from the post of adviser to the head of the President’s Office and speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG (Minsk Trilateral Contact Group for the Peaceful Settlement of the Situation in Eastern Ukraine – Ed).

In such cases, the media usually make a selection of the brightest, perhaps scandalous statements that the person in the position remembers. But if you try it on Arestovich, then his every statement was scandalous. Every time this person said something in public, I wanted to twist my finger at my temple. It’s time to try to make an anti-list, such as “adequate statements by Arestovich.” But alas, this list will be empty.

Of course, the problem is not in Arestovich himself. I crossed paths with him many times on the air and in life he is a charming, intelligent person who simply played a certain role. Why did he agree to it, I’ll leave it out of the brackets, because it distracts us from the main thing – inadequate personnel policy of the Office of the President.


Postmodern buffoons. Why Arestovich does not pull on the “Ukrainian Surkov”

By “inadequate” I mean that the country’s main negotiating body for resolving the problem of uncontrolled territories is simply disproportionate to the scale of the problems we face. He is simply incapable of at least negotiating, let alone giving a positive result.

I once wrote that instead of the entire Ukrainian delegation in the Minsk TCG, you can put a cardboard stencil of Spiderman and nothing will change. I was wrong. The stencil would look more solid.

Our delegation to the TCG (with rare exceptions, because there are also good professional people there) is a jammed record that constantly rebroadcasts nonsense. Harmful nonsense. And sometimes it also spoils the air in the room. Agree that the stencil looks better against this background. And this is the OP’s absolute problem, because the fish rots … damn, who am I kidding – the fish rotted a long time ago.


It was better under Poroshenko. Why do such assessments sound after two years of Zelensky’s rule?

It was better under Poroshenko.  Why do such assessments sound after two years of Zelensky's rule?

While we desperately need a new negotiating format with Russia, restarting the Minsk track and revitalizing H4, we are frantically preparing – to think that we are seriously discussing this – for an invasion! Why do we need the OP then? If war is our only alternative, then this is the task of the General Staff. And roads can be built by local authorities.

In the last paragraph, I would like to appeal to the conscience and reason of people who make decisions, but something tells me that this is useless. Although I will try – ASTANAVITES!

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