Who is, according to Jack Nicholson, the best actor in the world?

With several awards to his credit and dozens of feature films on his back, Jack Nicholson he could easily be considered by many to be the best actor in history. However, he believes that of another legendary colleague. As he remembers Far Out Magazinein a dialogue with Rolling Stone, the interpreter from Neptune City (New Jersey) declared that, for him, the best of all time was Marlon Brando. In a tribute article to the actor from The Godfather, Nicholson said he was part of the first generation of Brando fans and found the icon’s presence on screen “fascinating.”.

“I am part of the first generation that idolized Marlon Brando,” he wrote. “I was in high school in the fifties when he got into the game and I saw him change the rules. As a kid in New Jersey, one of my summer jobs was as an assistant manager at a local movie theater. I must have seen the interpretation of On the Waterfront twice a night. You just couldn’t take your eyes off the guy. he was fascinating”. In addition, he stated that “he is one of the great men of the 20th and 21st centuries, and we, the little mortals, are obliged to end the shitty debates and proclaim it.”

Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

In the same letter, the actor acknowledged that, although he was young at the time to understand everything about acting, he was amazed by Brando’s special talent. “Marlon had a whole craft, but you don’t know about craft or method when you’re a kid sitting in the theater staring with your mouth open,” he explained. “You only know when he wears something special, and no one was more special than brando“.

“She had this extraordinary physical beauty and power that was hard to define but completely undeniable. Maybe I would tell you that I saw the same thing in Paul Muni, but the truth is that Brando was always different. The movie audience just knew he was,” he added. To make his point clear, Nicholson stated that “other actors are not arguing who is the best in the world, because it is obvious: Marlon Brando is”.

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