Which cryptocurrencies to buy in this time of collapse?

A moment of huge crisis for the world of cryptocurrencies, accompanied by a more general crisis affecting all financial markets. However, as the ancient adages of those who operate on the market say, this is often the time to try to buy, while there is the proverbial blood in the streets.

And now there is blood in the streets, even if not all projects are suited to a long-term strategy and not everyone, at least in our opinion, can make a good show in a portfolio that looks far ahead. Thing buy today in the world crypto which could result in a good outlook? We have choosen 5 crypto-progetti which in our opinion are under-priced and will emerge victorious from this crypto winteras he also defined it Charles Hoskinson.

Crypto - what to buy during the crisis
A challenge to operate in a risk-rich market

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The five best crypto assets / cryptocurrencies to value and buy today

The choice is actually quite difficult, as there are several solid projects which are found at the price of Discount and which allow us to have a relatively positive outlook.

With some premise, however, necessary: ​​when we enter the market today we do it aware of the fact that it is a high-risk operation and whose risk is inversely proportional to the time frame that we can afford to include in our strategy.

Buy today: Bitcoin

Bitcoin it is less than half of its maximum value, reached only a few months ago. To many, especially on the printed paperit will look like one bad idea buy it today. However, there are several elements that we must take into account if we want to organize a strategy that, in lean periods like these, could be efficient.

In addition to being now a level asset institutional, we have an asset that despite the total chaos on the markets has nevertheless held up much better than the others. And in times of great anxiety, nervousness and fear on the markets, it is not for everyone. Bitcoin remains our first allocation choice, which should cover well over half of any purchases we make now.

To buy today: the second is BNB

See the coin of Binancean intermediary that now dominates far and wide and is experiencing a positive transition in the world of normalization. $BNB around 270$ it could be a good deal, given that since this storm if there is anyone on whose future existence we can bet it is their own Binance.

When a system that generates cash flows is linked to a cryptocurrency, as in the case of Binance, although they are not actions, there is still relatively more peace of mind. It may seem like a gamble at still high prices compared to the rest of the market, but it is one of the few certainties we really have if we want to look to the future, both in the short and long term.

Also to buy Polygon Matic

The news of the agreements with Meta and Instagram per Polygon $MATIC it is no small feat and would have led to significant increases in market situations other than those of today they would bring the token on such high price levels.

This is not the only good news. We have inside the world of the gaming su chain a constant and concrete commitment on the part of Polygon Matic. For us, in a sector where there are certainties few, Polygon is perhaps one of them.

Also look at Crypto.com Coin $ CRO

Yes, he lost long before the industry collapsed by one unclear policy on card cashbacks and of staking. And then she lost how all after the crisis that of the last few days. This is paradoxically a possible sign of bottombecause it would allow us to go and invest in a compartment which is in any case linked to a company, that of Crypto.com which has great traction on the market.

Crypto.com it perhaps presents some more risk than the others we have mentioned, because after all it arises on a market already crowded and with a ecosystem relatively late compared to the most direct competitors. The prize, however, in these circumstances, could become an interesting one. It is also one of those that we expect with greater volatility in the short term, which would allow it to be a good target even for those who want to trade. With Capital.comgo here to get the test account with UNLIMITED VIRTUAL CAPITAL – that offers MetaTrader 4 e TradingViewthe best tools for short analysis.

The fifth to complete the portfolio: $ AVAX Avalanche

Avalanche seems to like perhaps only us of Criptovaluta.itand we find the price under i 30$ to us it seems to be very tempting. There is still a lot to do in technical terms, given that the network continues to engulf itself in times of great market liveliness.

But the conditions, and it is something to look at in particular in these complicated market phases, are still there in our opinion to return to the maximums. For us at these prices it is very interesting.

What does it mean to buy cryptocurrencies today

It means exposing oneself on the one hand to the possibility that there will soon be gods interesting rebounds that can make us capitalize even in a short time, on the other hand exposing ourselves to the risk of having others correctionssince the bear market it would seem to be by now established. For this reason we always recommend the utmost cautionas it is definitely not a time for weak stomachs.

Before doing all in, we will therefore have to start from these assumptions, make them our own and not ignore the enormous risks that populate the market. Reminding us at the same time, however, that it is in these phases that many manage to do business.

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