What will JAVIER MILEI live on after donating his salary?

The economist criticized the rest of the legislators and assured that none of them would approve changing the law so that wages are optional

The national deputy of La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei explained this Saturday why he raffles his diet as a deputy, asked that the salaries of legislators be optional and explained how he will live without his salary. “With that money I can do whatever I want,” he launched.

True to her provocative style, Milei threw a dart at her colleagues in Congress: “I cannot renounce my diet because of the State’s financial administration law. The law would have to be changed. But those who want to collect their salary would feel uncomfortable, and it is very likely that my coworkers do not want to support me, “he said.

Milei will draw her first salary as a legislator, among the hundreds of thousands of people who signed up, next Wednesday, January 12, during a public class that she will provide in Mar del Plata.

“I receive the diet. Morally, it creates a situation of discomfort for me, I do not want it. But they give it to me and it is mine, so with that money I can do whatever I want. I can spend it like any other deputy. I can burn it in a square or find a way for that money, which was stolen from the people, to return to the town, “said the deputy, justifying the raffle.

Why did you make that decision

He also argued why he decided not to donate the salary: “That income that I have exists because it was stolen by force. That money, which is ill-gotten money, I want to return it to the owner. If I give it, I donate it, it would be doing charity at gunpoint, taking someone else’s twine, “he said on Continental radio.

The “liberal” deputy assured that, one day before taking office, on December 9, he resigned from his job in the private sector.

“I was working as chief economist in one of the three largest economic groups in Argentina. I kept my campaign promise, I could have asked for leave without pay, but I went and quit,” he said.

“I am going to live from my lectures, from my books. It is what I have lived from for four months”

The economist was then consulted on how he will stay if he decided to raffle every month the salary he receives as a national deputy.

“I am going to live from my lectures, from my books. It is what I have lived on for four months. Since I started the campaign, I was on leave without pay. I lived by giving talks, lectures, books,” he said.

How many people signed up

After the promise of the liberal deputy Javier Milei of drawing the salary that he will receive as a national legislator, in little more than 24 hours, more than 490,000 people.

The draw will take place on Wednesday next at 19 and applicants to keep the salary of the Avanza Libertad deputy may sign up until 10 in the morning of that day on the web https://mipalabra.javiermilei.com

In the last days, the site collapsed at various times and had 2.8 million views.

Milei’s diet as a deputy is just over 205.000 pesos. The draw will be done by the economist himself in Playa Grande, in Mar del Plata, at 7 p.m.

“The draw will be done live, with a notary public and we will broadcast it through our networks. For the purposes of the resolution, it will be done through any of the random number generation programs that are on the internet, and once one is obtained (which will see the entire procedure), the system is searched for who the number corresponds to and It is announced to him, “he said.

When explaining the reasons why he decided to draw his salary, Milei stressed that it is because he is “different from the political caste.” In addition, and when asked why he does not donate it, he replied: “In real life I am a minarchist (That the State is minimal in a society), but philosophically I am an anarcho-capitalist. If I donated the diet, I would be doing charity with other people’s money, something that goes against my philosophical postulate. I couldn’t do it like that, and that’s why the most equanimous way is to get around it. ”

“All my allowances are going to be donated”, ratified.

“In less than a month of my assumption as national deputy I’ve kept five of my top campaign promises. I resigned from my job in the private sector, on December 9, so that there would be no incompatibilities. I voted against the budget as a drawing and immoral. I rejected the Personal Property project because I had promised not to vote on any increase or the creation of new taxes. I was one of the signatories of the bills that contemplate lowering VAT and sweeping withholdings. And finally I will draw my salary as a legislator, “said Milei.


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