What is a Nebula, how it was formed, and how is it different from a galaxy? Check out the explanation here

DIY NEWS – Check out the following definition from Nebula, Then, how process formation to the difference with the Galaxy.

Maybe for lovers of astronomy are familiar with the term Nebula or Galaxy. But there are some people who don’t understand what it is about Nebula and what is Galaxy.

Quoted from https://geo.fish.unesa.ac.id/ that Nebula is an interstellar cloud consisting of dust, gas, and plasma.

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Originally Nebula is the general name given to all stretched astronomical objects, including galaxy outside the Milky Way.

Meanwhile, according to the Indonesian KBBI, Nebula is a group of stars in the sky that appears as fog or glowing incandescent gas, or clouds in outer space (from earth they look like stars that shine faintly).

Interstellar cloud itself is the general name given to the accumulation of gas, plasma and dust in an galaxy.

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In addition, interstellar clouds are also areas whose density is above the average density of the interstellar medium.

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