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The eponymous Wanda is referred to as a “helping angel” by the Zurich host who has become a need for care after a stroke. The Swiss director Bettina Oberli refers in her drama to a quote from Max Frisch: “We called workers, and people came”. She was interested in “how it goes without saying that some people get workers and have the feeling that they can buy anything with money.”

“We called in workers and people came”, Max Frisch

“Wanda, mein Wunder” illuminates a rich family whose middle-class order is destroyed by the presence of an outsider. Reminiscent of Pasolini’s drama “Teorema”, in “Wanda, mein Wunder” each family member tries to deal with loneliness and worry on their own.

Oberli tells of the different relationship dynamics of our time very sensitively and apart from striking clichés. In great contrast to the nurse Wanda is Sophie, the childless daughter of the tired patriarch, embodied by André Jung. Sophie’s arrival is announced by the sound of her five-car BMW, but even more so by the distinctive voice of Birgit Minichmayr: “I found that a very unusual role for me – a dogged, successful woman who thinks she can do with money Buy everything. She lacks the relationship with her father, whom Wanda develops in a completely different way. “

Marthe Keller (Elsa) and Birgit Minichmayr (Sophie)


The good reputation

Characterized by the jealousy of Wanda and her unfulfilled desire to have children, Sophie has lost all empathy. Feelings are only aroused again when Wanda, her enemy, becomes pregnant – namely from Sophie’s father, who has offered his carer additional money for occasional sexual intercourse.

In the first riot, the child is seen as a threat to Zurich’s great family heritage. But then Sophie and her husband want to adopt it: “And they also think it’s a good deed because it helps maintain the family’s good reputation,” says Minichmayr.

“Wanda, mein Wunder” depicts the reality of life for nurses and focuses on social mechanisms without staging a clear portrayal of perpetrator and victim. A film that shows once again that money alone does not make you happy.




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