Wall Street Collapses, JCI & Rupiah Need Many Prayers…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Indonesia’s financial markets closed lower in yesterday’s trading. The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) and the compact rupiah exchange rate corrected.

Yesterday, the JCI ended at 6,662.3. Weak 0.49% compared to the previous day’s close. This is the first correction in 2022.

In fact, the trade was lively. The frequency of transactions reached 1.28 million times involving 21.06 billion units of shares worth Rp 23.16 trillion.

Foreign investors also made an accumulation of purchases of Rp 802.04 billion in all markets. Since the beginning of the year, foreign investors posted net purchases of Rp 601.55 billion.

In the government bond market, the yield (yield) various tenors of moving debt securities varied. Tenors of five and 10 years have decreased yield, while there was an increase in tenors of one, three, and 25 years.

The uncertainty that occurred in the market made the rupiah unsteady. In front of the United States (US) dollar, the rupiah is still unable to do much.

In the spot market, US$1 is equivalent to Rp. 14,355 at the close of trading. Rupiah appreciated 0.38%. Mother Earth’s currency weakened three days in a row.

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