VIRAL Twitter Account Calls Yogyakarta Residents Kampungan, Called Fake Account, Here’s the Clarification

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Viral a tweet from a Twitter account named @ye_riiin166 which insulted the people of Yogyakarta by calling them tyrannical and poor.

The tweet was written on Sunday (8/5/2022) and has been retweeted 2,698 times and commented on by 2,865 Twitter users as of Wednesday (11/5/2022).

The account @ye_riiin166 states that the people of Yogyakarta are tacky when they see luxury vehicles that have a police number (nopol) starting with B.

This makes the people of Yogyakarta considered poor and village.

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Suddenly, netizens retweeted and commented on a tweet from an account that had a profile photo of a blonde woman.

“You’re also really tacky to see the monument in the video again,” write @WAHYUYK_.

“All of the Jogjanese people are still poor and tyrannical, aren’t they, sis? Ok well noted. Btw, I’m from Jogja, even though I haven’t lived there for a long time. Ma’am, did you buy souvenirs from Jogja, sis? Those who sell souvenirs mean poor and village people, right, sis? If you want the TL to be busy, there’s still an elegant way, sis,” wrote @DetaLewar.

“Sutris people, bro, or just looking for attention, Ma’am, they are beautiful, but how come they think like that,” @VerenaSusilowa1

Clarification of Twitter Accounts That Avoid Yogyakarta Residents, Called Fake Accounts managed to contact the party concerned, namely Marina Ritonga.

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