VIDEO We are live: this little sentence from Léa Salamé which did not please Internet users at all

Not a week without a controversy erupting in connection with the show We are live. This January 22, it was Léa Salamé who offended the sensitivity of Internet users after remarks deemed at best condescending, at worst frankly sexist.

It is a traumatic event which was approached this January 22 in We are live on France 2 by Xavier Demaison. The comedian and actor who was served a glass of cider evoked the difficult memory to which this drink was linked. “In 1982 in front of France-Germany my father took out a bottle of champagne, and then of course you all remember… ” “Schumacher ! “, then launches Laurent Ruquier. “Battiston, Schumacher 56th minute and we are all traumatized for life “, adds Xavier Demaison.

An exchange that amuses Léa Salamé who prefers to fill in the blanks of the story: “I do the translation for the women, we lost against Germany when we were supposed to win.” “Schumacher is not the Formula 1 driver he is the goalkeeper of the German team “, then clarified Laurent Ruquier. “Yes this is football “, launched the companion of Raphaël Glucksmann in front of Juliette Armanet and Géraldine Maillet.

Léa Salamé “a powerful woman” who makes a “powerful” blunder

A little phrase that did not please Internet users. For many men and women have vivid memories of how the Blues’ dream – and Battiston’s teeth – shattered on Harald Schumacher that night in Seville… On Twitter, Internet users did not miss the journalist head of the podcast Powerful Women on France Inter.

It’s about Battiston and Schumacher with Demaison and there, Léa Salamé who comes out: ” We are talking about foot, I do the translation for women “. No but seriously? And it publishes Powerful women”, “To be (or not to be) apart from a contradiction “, ” ‘I do it translation for women, way feminism Leah Salame ‘, ”I translate (football) for women’ Seriously?! And you animate powerful women ?? “, can we read in the reactions. Perhaps the opportunity to remember that football is not an exclusively male passion and that even some people don’t care about it?

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