VIDEO: Disgust and dirt. The cleaning lady showed the condition of the guests leaving the rooms

Footage of the huge mess that the cleaners find in the guest rooms was posted on TikTok by a woman who makes a living cleaning up. The more decent guests were literally shocked by the shots, because they thought it normal for the room to calm down at least a little before leaving. But, as the videos have shown, this is definitely not the norm.

A woman who works as a cleaner shocked many people on the TikTok social network. She shared videos of what the rooms look like after guests leave them when moving out of the hotel. Until now, many people thought that everyone would always clean up after themselves.

But the opposite was true. “I can’t believe people in such a state leave a hotel room. When I leave, it looks like no one sleeps in it,” Megan commented on the social network.

“Please tell me you’re charging them a cleaning fee,” Charley adds. “And I thought I didn’t make a mess when I didn’t make the bed,” Anie laughed.

The videos show that many people make a mess in their room while relaxing in hotels, which they do not even try to hide or disguise. In addition to a huge amount of garbage from various goods and fast food, the cleaning lady often also finds moldy food or terribly dirty towels.

A curiosity was also the cake that the woman found in the bathroom of one of the rooms. Parts of it were then on the floor of the room. The exception was not forgotten underwear on the bed or a shower broken on small pieces of glass.

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