VIDEO: Argentina game ends with shots, coach hit by bullet

The game between Huracán Las Heras, from La Pampa province, and Ferro Carril Oeste, from Mendonza province, counting for the third division of Argentine football, was interrupted when shots began to be fired from the stands.

The players and referees then ran to the changing rooms to take refuge from the shots, but a bullet hit Maurício Romero, coach of the visiting team, in the shoulder. The coach was always aware and out of danger, but was forced to go to a hospital in the city of Las Heras, while the other members of the club locked themselves in their hotel.

An incredible situation, as can be seen from the images, which spread panic in the stadium, even among the other supporters who were in the stands. Ferro Carril Oeste has already announced that it will file a complaint with the police.


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