Health US exceeds 10,000 deaths after learning of a hard...

US exceeds 10,000 deaths after learning of a hard report on lack of supplies in hospitals | Univision Salud News


▶ ️ More than 1,280,000 confirmed cases worldwide and more than 70,000 deaths until the morning of this Monday.

▶ ️ In the US, confirmed cases amount to more than 340,000 and more than 10,000 deaths.

▶ ️ In gloomy words, the US general practitioner, Jerome Adams, warned that this week will be “our Pearl Harbor, our 9/11” and asked people to continue with social distancing measures.

▶ ️ New York this Sunday recorded its first decline in the number of deaths from covid-19. Governor Andrew Cuomo reported the death of 594 people, less than 630 on Saturday. He also stressed that “it is too early to say” whether it is a trend in the daily balance.

▶ ️ While Michigan became the third state with the highest incidence of coronavirus, after reporting New York and New Jersey, reporting 15,718 cases and 617 deaths, Louisiana reported 68 new deaths, its worst record for one-day deaths from covid-19.

▶ ️ ‘Nadia’, a four-year-old Malay tiger who arrived at the Bronx Zoo in 2016, tested positive for coronavirus. It is believed to be the first animal infected with covid-19, according to officials.

▶ ️ In Spain, the daily number of people killed by covid-19 decreased for the fourth consecutive day. In the last 24 hours, 637 people died, the lowest number of deaths in thirteen days.

▶ ️ A practical guide to coronavirus: ✔️ Who to call if you have symptoms? ✔️ Will it cost you money to get tested for the virus?


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