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Urgent.. recording 1363 new infections with MERS-CoV, and 84 deaths


Received Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and population, today, all of Major General Khaled Abdel-Aal, the governor of Cairo, Major General Ahmed Rashid, the governor of Giza, in the ministry, and held a press conference to follow updates on the novel coronavirus (SGRF -19), especially in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, standing on the challenges in those provinces being the most injury, follow the workflow in each of the hospitals during the reception of cases of injury, and caravans therapeutic that distribute drugs on the cases of home insulation contact, in the framework of the war to reduce the burden on citizens and to receive treatment.

And headed the ministry to thank all of the gentlemen governors of Cairo and Giza, for their efforts in the follow-up action on the ground participation and responsibility in the HIV response through regular follow-up with hospitals to ensure discipline work progress, and patients receive the best medical service, stressing that what is taken to strict procedures and follow up work and efforts on the ground will in turn lead to control of the virus.

The ministry pointed out that supplies of preventive and medical hospitals in addition to the availability of drugs continuously and full, confirming the audit of inventory of supplies periodically, and the Ministry of Dr. Mohamed Mansour, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Giza governorate, Dr. Mohamed Hassanein head of sector for technical support and projects ministry, providing 100 intensive care unit beds and 20 ventilator additional hospitals in the province during the next week.

The department commissioned Dr. Ahmed El Sobky Assistant Minister of Health for oversight and follow-up, to prepare a report of cases of infection in Korea, we received daily in the hospitals of Greater Cairo, in addition to cases of death within Greater Cairo, in order to ensure efficient workflow from the reception of cases and conduct the necessary tests and receive the best medical services and dispensing of medicines and the application of treatment protocols updated.

The ministry explained that it was allocated to the Health Center, El Katameya established as a specialized centre to receive patients and tumors and the weakness of the region of suspected MERS-CoV until it is to detect them and to conduct tests of MERS-CoV without exposure to any risk.

The minister reviewed the epidemiological situation of Egypt, Today, Wednesday, as the number of injuries 1363 injury, 84 deaths, bringing the total casualties to 49219, in and 1850 death, also referred to exit 411 of recovering from the virus of hospital isolation and quarantine, after they receive the medical care and the terminally ill, bringing the total recovered from the virus to 13141, while the number of cases which turned the results of their tests in a laboratory from positive to negative for MERS-CoV (SGRF – 19) 14566 case, including the the.

The ministry indicated that a coordination meeting was held daily, through the technique of “conference call” with the governors (Cairo, Giza, Qalyubiya, Fayoum, Menoufia, Sharkia, Alexandria and Lake) are the provinces most hit by the virus, the number of measurements of the ministry in addition to hospital administrators in these provinces, in order to discuss the ramifications of position, stand on any challenges to them, and resolved immediately to provide the best medical service for patients.

The ministry to the reluctance of some owners of chronic diseases go to hospitals to follow the state of their health, fear of transmission, explaining that the decision was taken to open all the outpatient clinics in all hospitals nationwide, health units and medical centers to monitor the health of patients and the owners of chronic diseases securely with take all preventive actions and precautionary measures, in addition to the launch of the medical convoys youth centres in neighbourhoods and villages, to follow the business decisions of the Tripartite Commission for the issuance of the decision of treatment at the expense of the state, dispensing the treatment, pointing out that 95% of deaths with MERS-CoV in Egypt accompanying chronic diseases.

The ministry has appealed the owners of the chronic diseases to go to receive necessary medical services and dispensing of medicines for the beneficiaries of the treatment decisions at the expense of the state where it will provide medical convoys to specific neighborhoods and villages, and allow the dispensing of medicines, in addition to the availability of the Tripartite Commission that convoys to sign a medical disclosure, as will be the renewal treatment decisions at the expense of the state automatically according to the pathological condition.

The ministry added that it will be dispensing medications for owners of chronic diseases and noncommunicable diseases, the beneficiaries of treatment decisions at the expense of the state if the resolution is valid, from each of its hospital, or centers of the same hospital, or by caravans mobile clinic of the same hospital, confirmed that in the case of the expiration of the resolution will be renovated and dispensing of medicines directly through the Tripartite Commission, through the hospitals of, and in the absence of a decision will be issued to all beneficiaries by the Tripartite Commission.

The ministry stressed that the hospital be responsible for the coordination and implementation of decisions, whether through the hospital or through the center or the caravan’s mobile medical of the hospital, explaining that it will provide medical and administrative staff necessary to provide the same services provided at the hospital either to the renewal or issuance of treatment decisions at the expense of the state, will also be provided amounts sufficient for 3 months of drugs allocated to the owners of chronic diseases, noting that it will be electronic delivery of all decisions in coordination with all of the installations of the hospital.

It also added that it was the formation of a central operations room in every province, with representatives from health care providers, the formation of committees for the day-to-day hospitals, adding that it was the directive of the governors to follow up all the hospitals of the various bodies of the Ministry of Health and population, and all the procedures about failing to work.

The face of the ministry thanks to all crews, medical teams, preview them, for their efforts in the service of patients, also renewed its invitation to the medical staff, nursing retirees to join to work in outpatient clinics hospitals or health units and medical centers of the Ministry of Health and population within the convoys therapeutic, to participate in the follow-up health status to the owners of chronic diseases.

For his part, said Major General Khaled Abdel-al, the governor of Cairo, said that there is coordination between the province and the state Ministry of Health, to take further action to face the ncov, indicating that it notes the high proportion of injuries and deaths due to chronic diseases, praising the role of the ministry is to provide medical care to the patients the owners of chronic diseases, by providing all the possibilities to meet their medical service in the nearest hospital or health unit to them, pointing to the importance of follow-up and control of the limit in its work in providing medical service to patients.

He also praised the brigade, Ahmed Rashid, the governor of Giza, the actions taken by the Ministry of Health for coordination among stakeholders, and to follow the political leadership of the State Council of ministers, stressing that the governors on the implementation of all these actions made on the ground, and set to provide the best medical service to patients, referring to the state’s efforts in the campaign “100 million health,” which addressed the more than 2 million citizens to the owners of chronic diseases, which have certainly contributed to reduce the number of injuries and improve the level of public health of the citizens.



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