News Unitymedia: Vodafone takes over Internet providers - consequences for...

Unitymedia: Vodafone takes over Internet providers – consequences for customers?


Shock at Unitymedia. Vodafone stamps the internet provider. But how is it going for shops and customer service?

  • Unitymedia customers have to be prepared for innovations.
  • Vodafone took over the cable network operator in 2019.
  • Now the company is facing the end.

Update, Friday (February 21st), 4.32pm: Dortmund – The takeover of Unitymedia by Vodafone is official. For former Unitymedia customers, this is by no means intended disadvantage arise. Many may ask the question of whether or not they will change as well new hardware for their connections.

After takeover of Unitymedia: new hardware for customers?

But there is no all-clear here either. Like the technology magazine chip reports, Unitymedia customers can continue problem-free their old router, Connect boxes and HD recorders. Anyone looking for a new one Gigabit port decides that Vodafone will send them a new router.

Update, Wednesday (February 19), 9 a.m .: Even if the change from Unitymedia to Vodafone there should be small ones as uncomplicated as possible amendments: From now on, former Unitymedia customers have to contact the Customer Service from Vodafone. So that nobody is new numbers customers need to get used to the Unitymedia-Turn number as the online magazine reported.

Unitymedia shops become Vodafone shops

Even in the shops of Unitymedia something will change: The 13 branches will be redesigned and closed Vodafone-Shops. As a result, there will be several Vodafone stores in the area. First you have a look at which shop will be closed and which will remain. Loud chip the employees of the closed shops should continue to be employed in the company.

First registration, Monday (February 17th), 6:14 p.m .: Bad news for all customers of the cable network operator Unitymedia is coming up in Germany. The company will soon disappear completely from the market. Around 7.2 million customers are affected.

Take over Unitymedia from Vodafone: More and more customers are complaining

The competition bought in 2019 Vodafone the cable network operator. The takeover had the EUCommission have to approve beforehand. Before that, the Cologne telecommunications provider NetCologne Lawsuit against the merger filed with the Court of Justice of the European Union. The Cologne criticized a distortion of competition at the expense of regional providers. But in the end the takeover was approved.

After the takeover, all Unitymedia customers will now become Vodafone customers

It will be in a few weeks Unitymedia so don’t give anymore. But what should happen to the millions of customers in Germany now? You will automatically become a customer of Vodafone – Whether they want to or not. Has in the past Vodafone the first steps of the takeover have already been taken.

Video: EU allows Unitymedia takeover by Vodafone – these are the consequences

Some offers from both providers have already been bundled into a single offer. The Unitymedia website went offline on Monday (January 17th) – it is currently under construction. The logo of the website has already been replaced by the logo of Vodafone replaced.

Unitymedia before the end: Vodafone invests in better internet

But there is also good news that some customers will definitely be happy about. By merging the two companies Vodafone automatically around five million households in NRW. Hesse and to batheWuerttemberg can connect to the gigabit network.

This increases the number of households with high-speed Internet from twelve to 17 million in Germany. The company hopes to have 25 million households by the end of 2022. A lot has already been planned for this. The existing one Cable network is to be upgraded and then expanded, Vodafone explains in a press release.

Job cuts at Unitymedia: Vodafone cuts staff

The money has to be earned first. The key executives in this case are the staff of Unitymedia, Vodafone would like to save 135 million euros in personnel costs through the merger. This should primarily be done by cutting around 1300 of the approximately 16,000 jobs of both companies.

The company should also rely on socially acceptable solutions. A social plan has already been agreed with the employee representatives, the West German newspaper,

Unitymedia has been on the market for 15 years

Unitymedia, then known as Unity Media, was created in 2005 through the merger of iesy, ish and Tele Columbus West. For the time being, only households could NRW and Hesse Become a customer of the telecommunications provider.

The company has been a subsidiary of Liberty Global since 2009, which also took over Kabel BW in 2011 and in 2012 Unitymedia merged. In 2015 Kabel BW disappeared from the market. Unitymedia has since been received in three federal states.

Vodafone bought Kabel Deutschland and Unitymedia

In all other countries the provider was called Kabel Deutschland for years. Vodafone took over the majority of the company in 2014 and abolished the brand name a year later. 2018 there Vodafone then finally the takeover of Unitymedia known.


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