United States: large demonstrations this Saturday to defend the right to abortion

A day of action is on the program this Saturday, May 14 in the United States to defend the right to abortion, threatened by the Supreme Court. Some 400 parades are planned across the country.

“Hands off our bodies!”

Large marches are organized in the streets of UNITED STATES this Saturday, May 14 to defend the right to abortion. Thousands of demonstrators are expected in the ranks chanting the slogan: “Hands off our bodies!” “On Saturday, our elected leaders, Supreme Court Justices, corporations that fund anti-abortion interests will hear from us”, said Sonja Spoo, an official of the feminist organization UltraViolet. This great mobilization takes place as the Supreme Court prepares to go back in time, 50 years after its historic decision to protect theAbortion. According to Le Figaro citing the organizers of this day of action, some 400 processions are planned across the country, including in Washington, New York, Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles.

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Awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision

The judgment of the Court on the right toabortion to the UNITED STATES is expected by the end of June. Abortion is already restricted in 23 Republican-run states. Others await the decision of the Supreme Court before applying the measure. Twenty conservative states have already assured that abortion would be illegal even in cases of rape or incest. Women would therefore be forced to travel several thousand kilometers to have an abortion. “We won’t stop fighting until everyone, and I mean everyone, has access to safe and legal abortions, regardless of income, zip code or ethnicity.”promised the elected Barbara Lee, who has already resorted to a clandestine abortion.

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