Health Two of the hairdressers were, in spite of the...

Two of the hairdressers were, in spite of the Corona-infection-no – health


Masks do nothing? An incident from the US suggests that the opposite is the case.

Worldwide 8.952.428 (as of 22 have. June 2020), people with the novel Coronavirus infected. At least officially. The number of unreported cases is likely to be considerably higher. Because many infections are completely asymptomatic. According to the Heinsberg-study 22.2 percent) apply to more than a fifth of infection (. Because you know nothing of your disease, you are it, the drift of the pandemic the most progress.

Two hair stylists from Springfield in the US state of Missouri not noticed that they were quite fit, identified your symptoms, but apparently, as such, indicate Covid-19. Accordingly, they went not in quarantine, but were, according to more of her work in the Salon.

The outbreak did not materialize, the

Before the two learned after eight days of their infection, souped-up a total of 140 clients in the Salon. A Hairstylist had managed to this time, 56 people, the other 84, said In addition, seven other colleagues were still on the ground. All potential candidates for new infections.

But nothing happened, as it is said in a communication to the local health authority. Not a single Corona-the case had been brought in with the hair stylists (see Box). That the outbreak did not materialize, due no doubt to the various security measures of the salon.

So that the customers can not connect to each other, are assigned, around the dates staggered. In addition, the staff have moved apart in the Barber chairs. Also you even hold the distance to the customer, where this is not possible, approximately two meters, if you can cut straight or color. In addition, all persons must wear in the Salon masks. So, as it is also the case in Austria should be.

“One of the clearest examples from the real world”

The “Washington Post” referred to the Fallals “one of the clearest examples from the real world that masks can stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus”. And even in the short distance (see Box).

How important masks are in this pandemic, is not the only insight that can be drawn from this case, holding The events in Springfield also made it clear how important Contact Tracing and isolation after exposure to stop the further spread of the Virus.

A combination of measures

For a combination of measures – albeit of a different kind – are also in researcher Holger J. Schünemann from the canadian McMaster University. The Team was evaluated for its in the journal “The Lancet” published a study of 172 existing Work.

Result: keep a safe Distance to reduce the infection and transmission risk from 12.8 percent to 2.6 percent, the Wearing of a mask reduced by 17.4 per cent to 3.1 per cent, and the Mounting of face shields from 16 percent to 5.5 percent. The researchers point out that the certainty of the evidence for the latter two is small, however, the combination of the measures is likely to be “the best way to reduce the probability of a virus infection or the Transmission of Sars-CoV-2”. Also the case of the hair salon confirmed.

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