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Tue | NEWS | Aamir Hussain: I think in the election the Union of the ball, Abu Reid predicted the end in gabalaya


Revealed Aamir Hussain, head of the Competitions Committee, the former for his thinking in Turkish elections of the Union next ball.

He said in his talk cross-channel “on-time Sportsnet” day Tuesday: “the clubs asked me to upgrade therefore I’m thinking about it seriously”.

He continued, “If you didn’t ask me for a translation I didn’t think about it from the foundation and think in Turkish in the list of Hany Abu-Reid”.

And go to Amer Hussain to talk about organizing Egypt’s cup of nations Africa 2019, saying: “when informed of our right to development called the Abu Reid, president of the Union of the previous ball in order to congratulate him”.

He continued, “I found it tells me this tournament is the end of us.”

He added, “Abu Rida, he knew that the Championship will be difficult.”

Stressed Amer Hussein “trainers forum Egypt wronged Hector Cooper as well as Javier Aguirre”.

And his work as chairman of the committee of the competitions said: “the Football Association did not intervene in the process at all except twice.”

He continued, “the Departments of clubs to attack me in public, but away from the media to help me”.

And on top of Ahly and Zamalek, which was held in 2011 ended in a draw positive goal for each of them was on its way to cancellation before the event, he said: “Samir Zaher, president of the Union of the ball, the former informed me to cancel the match at nine in the morning”.

He continued, “Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, denounced the argument of the inability to secure a meeting and asked her stay, she spoke with Al Ahli continued to directly, or the Zamalek sports the well said players are gone and Samir Zaher held a match”.

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