News Trump goes up edited video of baby "racist"; Twitter,...

Trump goes up edited video of baby “racist”; Twitter, the label of “manipulation”


The social network Twitter tagged today a video went up the american president Donald Trump to his account for violating their policy about manipulation of media.

The president tweeted a video that became viral in 2019, where appeared two boys, one white and one african-american, embracing.

However, the video that he tweeted today Trump was edited; it includes the sinister music and shows to the small african-american running while the other chases you.

In addition, it appears a header to fake the chain of the news CNN saying “Breaking News: A child in terror, flees from a baby racist”. And adds, “Baby racist, likely voter Trump”.

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Then it shows the original video with this caption: “What really happened”. And in the end, this this message: “the united States is not the problem, but the false news” as implying that CNN had falsified the information.

Twitter etiqueto the video with a link that says “Media manipulated”, and refers to the policy of handling media of the social network.

This is not the first time that a Twitter tag a posted Trump. In may, he placed warnings related to verification of facts to two tweets from Trump in which he of “fraudulent” votes by mail and it is anticipated that there would be trouble in the November elections. Under the tweets, there is a tag that says:

“Know the facts about the ballot-by-mail”, and leads to the Twitter users to a page of Moments with verification of facts and news stories on unfounded statements of the president.

Earlier this month, blocked a video from the campaign team of president Donald Trump is dedicated to George Floyd due to a copyright claim.

As a response, Trump signed a decree that looks to see if it can limit the freedom enjoyed by the social network to decide on their contents.




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