Traffic on the Via Baltica motorway has been paralyzed due to snow and accidents for 55 kilometers

According to Ieva Šlivinskiene, a representative of the Marijampolė police, the road maintenance services are unable to clear the snow and scatter the carriageways, according to the news agency BNS. In the morning, neither Lithuania nor Poland allowed heavy vehicles to cross, although Poland has started to allow trucks into its territory again around noon, but Lithuania has not yet.

According to her, the snow continues, but the situation is further complicated by the fact that some drivers have tried to get around the traffic jams, thus creating illegal “third lanes” and preventing them from cleaning the road.

“The police are trying to regulate traffic as much as possible, to drive cars, but the queues are moving forward very slowly,” Šlivinskiene said, adding that there were three or four more serious accidents and several technical accidents on the section of the road. A French citizen and a truck driver were easily injured in the accidents, but doctors released them for outpatient treatment.

In the afternoon, new congestion has started to form between Kaunas and Marijampolė.

Drivers are invited to postpone their journey along the Via Baltica as far as possible.

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