Time traveler traveling through time, is it possible? This is the scientific explanation

NewsBulukumba – Nothing is more stunning than mystery science except time traveler or ‘explorer time‘.

Is it true that humans can penetrate time? In fact, the concept of travel time still a mystery biggest for science which has not been solved so far.

The concept of walking forward or backward to different points in time, in a way scientific agreed upon as a motion similar to how we move in room.

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The reality is that humans walk in time with inline system, from time now to the future per unit time to the end, or often called death.

In the theoretical ranks in science, the most familiar to travel time is theory of relativity special and general.

overlay theory of relativity suggest that the geometry should be exact from roomtime, or some kind of deep movement room, can allow humans to penetrate time to the past and vice versa to the future if that geometry allows.

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In science physics, travel concept time has been used to examine the theoretical consequences physics as theory of relativity special, general and quantum mechanics.


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