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Until the end of the period transfers or trade deadline next February 10 we will not have a clear idea of ​​what the future of Ben Simmons. the basis of Philadelphia 76ers He is one of the names to take into account in the coming weeks, since he is the most attractive player on the market and for which not a few teams will seek to make an exchange for him.

Nevertheless, as reported by Ramona Shelburne (ESPN) recently, Simmons would be willing to sit out the rest of this season if he doesn’t get traded, reaffirming his decision not to play again with Philadelphia. Whatever happens, the 25-year-old remains one of the most versatile defenders in the league and an outstanding passer.

With the end date of transfers on the horizon, we explore the three scenarios that would make the most sense in a hypothetical exchange.

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Sacramento Kings

Sacramento has always seemed like the ideal destination for Ben Simmons interests. A place where you can start completely from scratch, with an organization that will do everything in its power to make your fit in the project work. Trades involving only the Kings and 76ers could work, but they end up falling far short of what the Sixers are looking for.

In that sense, this scenario proposed here, although complex, could make sense for all parties.

For Philadelphia it would mean freeing up salaries and adding a player like Ingram that fits alongside Embiid and doesn’t hold back Tyrese Maxey’s development. What’s more, trade Harris for a similarly cut Barnes as well as two expirings.

In the case of Sacramento, they would go from having an overpopulation of guards to a hybrid like Simmons and a solid veteran like Harris, who could fill a third sword role alongside Haliburton or Hield. The Kings would be the big winners of the trade.

The Pelicans, in last place, would add a point guard who can work with Zion Williamson as well as two shooters on interesting contracts like Korkmaz and Davis. The key to making this transfer possible would be for the Kings to add rounds that would serve to close the operation on the New Orleans side.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs have never been much of a trader during the regular season. Or at least exchanges that are relevant, since in the last two campaigns they have acquired Juancho Hernangomez and Marquese Chriss. The Texans seemed called to take over the services of the Australian at the beginning of this campaign, especially considering the impasse in which they found themselves after the departure of DeMar DeRozan. However, the takeoff Dejounte Murray I could have changed San Antonio’s mind… Or not.

And it is that the young point guard is performing at a fantastic level, there is no doubt about that, but his potential is an unknown quantity, as well as his ceiling. With Simmons, on the contrary, there is no doubt about what kind of player he is, something that in the hands of Popovich could unlock his best version.

So that any transfer that would take the Australian to the Spurs was possible, the Texan franchise should invest a good number of Draft rounds, Probably more than in the example here. That would mean trades for the most favorable as well as adequate protection that would disarm San Antonio’s future if the experiment didn’t work out.

By the Sixers would add a Murray with All-Star projection whose fit with Maxey would be to discover. The most positive thing would be to put an end to a not easy situation.

Toronto Raptors

If three-way transfers are complicated, the fact that they are also between Conference rivals makes it even more so. But the interest of Raptors He has been a constant at Simmons for a long time, someone who would propel his roster of young players to the next level with his vision and defensive input. Others who are also looking to change their squad in some way are the Pacers, who are now sunk in the standings after an irregular start.

Broadly speaking, this scenario would benefit everyone involved. Philadelphia would get an All-Star caliber player like Siakam and one that can contribute in the current context of the roster as LeVert. Dragic’s case is unknown as he is out indefinitely for personal reasons.

In the case of Indiana, their main prize would be in the form of Draft elections and clearing the way for Domantas Sabonis to be the axis of the interior game. Thus, by moving Turner to Toronto, Brogdon and Sabonis would gain even more importance, leaning on Harris as a solid scoring outsider with little use.

Again, the key for this operation to be done would depend on how many Draft assets were involved to convince all parties.

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent the NBA or its organizations.

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