‘This popular PS2 RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch’

On YouTube, leaker Nate predicts the Hate what the new Nintendo content will look like. Not much information about Persona 4 is given, but Nate does let us know that Persona 4 Golden is likely to come to Nintendo Switch in 2022.

There is a chance that the game will also come out on the PlayStation 4 and 5, since the game from Atlus originally came out on the PlayStation 2. Of course it remains to be seen whether this will actually happen, so take this leak with a grain of salt.

Although it all sounds exciting, nothing has been confirmed yet. Nate the Hate is a pretty reliable leaker when it comes to Nintendo, but it remains to be seen which predictions from the leaker will actually come true. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to release Persona 4 as an improved version on multiple consoles, because the game did very well on the PS2 and was released on PC in 2020.

PS3 games on the PS5?

It also seems that PS3 games coming to PS5. All kinds of PS3 games appeared out of nowhere on the PS5 store, unfortunately it was not possible to purchase the titles. It may just be a huge hint that Sony’s next-gen console will expand its backwards compatibility capabilities.

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