This is the Difference between AWD and 4WD Drive Systems

JAKARTA, – In four-wheeled vehicles, generally there are four propulsion system wheels that are used according to the function and needs car the.

The Executive Coordinator of the Technical Service Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) said there are four drive systems that are currently commonly used.

The four drive systems are front wheel drive (FWD), rear wheel drive (RWD), all wheel drive (AWD), and four wheel drive (4WD).

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“FWD is a car with two -wheel drive that uses the front wheel as the drive,” said Bambang, quoting As for RWD, he explained that the power generated by the machine is transmitted to the rear wheels through the gear.

AWD and 4WD are often considered the same, because both drive systems can move all four wheels of the car at once. However, it turns out that there are different ways of working of these two propulsion systems.

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1. AWD

In AWD cars, the system moves all the wheels while the car is running. Whatever the terrain, the AWD drive system will still activate all the wheels.

Because it drives all the wheels, cars that use AWD usually use relatively more fuel than other cars.

“The driver can’t choose to only distribute the power of two wheels or four wheels, because the system is permanent for four wheels,” said Bambang.

Usually, cars that use this drive system are SUV-type cars.

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2. 4WD

Similar to AWD, the 4WD drive system drives all four wheels of the car simultaneously. However, the user can adjust the wheel that is used as a drive. according to the needs of the time.

The distribution of tire power on a car with a 4WD drive system can be adjusted between 4×4 (all wheels) or 4×2 (two wheels).

Car With this drive system, it allows drivers to choose to distribute power only to two wheels or directly to four wheels at once,” said Bambang.

For example, users can set only the front two wheels or the rear wheels to drive, like FWD and RWD. Car users can also set all four wheels to be driven simultaneously, just like AWD.

Because of its adjustable power distribution, cars that use a 4WD drive system are usually used to go through rough or off-road terrain.

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