Thirty mayors call for a ‘fundamental review’ of corona policy

Mayors of thirty municipalities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Breda, are calling on the cabinet to “fundamentally review” the corona policy. They do that in an opinion piece in the Volkskrant.

Among the signatories are almost all mayors who chair a security region. Tomorrow they will meet for an extra Security Council because they quickly want more perspective for the catering and culture sector.

According to the mayors, the current way of taking “ad hoc measures” by the cabinet is no longer tenable. If measures are taken, they must be “predictable, logical and reasonable”, they write. They point, among other things, to the ever-changing rules and advice regarding mouth caps.

Mayors have been increasingly confronted with protests against the corona policy in recent weeks. Shops and restaurants opened in protest in several cities, and today there was also a protest action in the cultural sector. Theaters and museums find it incomprehensible that, for example, shops, gyms and hairdressers are allowed to open, but they are not.

Hair Salon Theater

By labeling museums as a gym for a day and theaters as a hair salon, the cultural sector tried to circumvent the rules in a playful way. How this was enforced differed per municipality. “Society is looking for loopholes in the law, out of dissatisfaction with the measures and out of despair about the hopeless position in which a large number of social sectors find themselves,” the mayors say.

Visitors could get a haircut in the Concertgebouw today while listening to a concert:

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