Third international recognition for a video on tourism in Extremadura

Capture of the Extremaduran short film.

The short film Extremadura, everything you imagine, where you can’t imagine it: the movie he got up yesterday Friday with him Silver Award from the Cappadocia International Tourism Film Festival (Turkey), in the category of Tourist Destinations-region.

It is, according to the Junta de Extremadura, the third international recognition that achieves this video of the Directorate General of Tourism, which produced The Glow, with the soundtrack of Robe. Previous accolades were at festivals in Berlin (The Golden City Gate) and Cape Town (ITFFA-International Tourism Film Festival Africa).

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Nuria Flores Redondo, thanked, in a video sent to the organization of the Cappadocia Festival, this recognition and assured that the short film is an example of the work Extremadura does to promote itself and position itself in the tourist market. “I would like to invite visitors from Turkey and from around the world to get to know our wonderful region. I hope to see you very soon in Extremadura “he added.

The competitions in Turkey, Germany and South Africa are part of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT), which brings together the fourteen most important festivals in the sector around the worldor. These organizations have created the ‘Circuit Grand Prix CIFFT’, a ranking in which the videos accumulate the scores achieved in the festivals of the network.

At this time, the Extremadura short film is among the top ten in the category of ‘Tourist Regions’, from a list with audiovisual works from Australia, Japan, Portugal, Austria and Croatia, among other countries.


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