Entertainment These are the dance couples of the 13th season...

These are the dance couples of the 13th season of “Let’s Dance”


February 21, 2020 – 10:41 pm

Celebrity-professional constellations are certain

It’s the best kept secret of every “Let’s Dance” season: What celebrity dances alongside during the big show weeks which professional dancer? As part of the big introductory show, we get to the bottom of this question every year and cheerfully dance our couples. At the beginning of season 14, the fans were still looking forward to the big announcement. Until now. Here we reveal which celebrity-professional constellations will sweep the floor in the next few weeks.

The dancers of the celebrity ladies

Lili Paul-Roncalli – Massimo Sinató

“Let’s Dance” legend Massimo on his choice: “I love to dance, I am now 11th year. I thought about it well. I thought I would take the one with which I believe the best of the dance style to harmonize. The choice is striking – I hope she is happy: Lili. ” The 39-year-old was allowed to votebecause he won the summer professional challenge.

Ulrike von der Groeben – Valentin Lusin

“I think we will laugh a lot and have a lot of fun”, the RTL presenter is happy shortly after announcing her dance partner.

Loiza Lamers – Andrzej Cibis

A joyful jump in the arms: For Loiza, professional dancer Andrzej is obviously the right choice, as her euphoria reveals after the decision. “Very happy,” she enthuses.

Steffi Jones – Robert Beitsch

Two athletes among themselves, the joy is particularly special: “Where do you live”, Robert can be coaxed and Steffi only reacts very coolly: “In Gelsenkirchen – 90 kilometers from here.” It will be interesting to see what the two deliver.

Ilka Bessin – Erich Klann

It’s going to be fun: “Let’s go, it’s Nikita,” Ilka fears. But in the end she can be happy about Erich and the joy is on his side: “Woooohoooo”. And Ilka’s first reaction? “Oh god I’m scared”.

Laura Müller – Christian Polanc

The Wendler looks there. Laura will be able to stay with another man in the coming weeks: “Let’s Dance” veteran Christian. A loud cry, a warm hug – seems to please her: “Thank you, really.”

Sabrina Setlur – Nikita Kuzmin

“Perfect” – also Sabrina Setlur – the last in the group – is completely blown away by her partner, the “Let’s Dance” newcomer Nikita.

“Let’s Dance” on TVNOW

The complete episode of “Let’s Dance” 2020 can be found at TVNOW in the live stream or for subsequent retrieval,



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