These are 5 signs of breast cancer that women often ignore

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBreast cancer is one of the most common causes of death for women. As you age, the risk of this disease increases and the symptoms may not be as conspicuous.

Therefore, breast cancer screening needs to be done. Annual breast screening is recommended from a younger age. Apart from mammography, there are other, more cost-effective methods, such as breast self-examination or Realization and ultrasound.

Screening is even more important for people who have risk factors, such as genes, obesity, age, gender (women are more likely to get breast cancer), pregnancy, and alcohol.

In the early stages, symptoms cancer painless. There may be a lump or pain.

Mandeep Singh Malhotra from Department of Oncology, CK Birla Hospital, Delhi, revealed some other signs to watch out for are as follows.

Fluid comes out of the nipple

Discharge from the nipple breast usually occurs during pregnancy/breastfeeding, and this discharge can continue for up to 3 years. But if discharge from the nipple other than during breastfeeding can be an early sign and should be taken to the doctor. In addition, if the discharge is bloody or mixed with blood, the chances of cancer are higher.

Nipple discoloration

The presence of cancer cells in the breast can change the thickness, redness, and swelling in the breast, which is often not noticed by women.

Shape change

It’s normal to have asymmetrical breasts, but sudden or noticeable changes in your breasts can be a sign of cancer and shouldn’t be ignored.

Nipples upside down

Some women are born with nipples that are pointing inward or flat, but if they were normal before and went in, then these changes occur suddenly, consult a doctor immediately.

Lump in armpit

Excess breast tissue comes out of the normal area of ​​the breast, therefore a lump, swelling, or pain in and around the armpit area can be associated with breast cancer.

Any changes need to observe the body carefully to identify the changes. These changes can be an early sign or symptom of a serious complication that is often overlooked. A late diagnosis can make treatment more difficult.

Several studies have shown that women tend to ignore body changes that can be an early sign of breast cancer so that it is too late to start treatment. Over time, the cancer grows and the impact gets bigger.

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