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Therefore, clear Sheffield is not one gate


The goalless opening match of the Premier League after the Corona-break Sheffield United will be cheated of a hit. How could this happen to be?

Aston Villas Goalie Örjan Nyland stumbles upon a Sheffield free kick into his own net, keeps the Ball but in the end firmly in his hands. It is a wafer-thin affair, everything goes very fast and to the naked eye is appreciated, depending on the angle of view is hardly to whether the Ball was behind the line or not. Exactly for such situations, there is the goal-line technology. Referee Michael Oliver looks on several occasions at his watch and tell the players: “goal-line technology, friends. To me nothing is displayed!”

In the repetition, then, is to see, however, that the Ball was clearly all over the line – Sheffield is cheated of a regular hit. How could this happen?

No Goal?! Villa Goalie Örjan Nyland does not stop the Ball clearly behind the line, the goal counts.

Image: Keystone

Goal-line technology operator apologize

“Sky” is reported later, that the watch only vibrates in the first half and then the hits have shown. The operator of the Hawk-Eye to confirm the failure and apologize via Twitter “in the Premier League, Sheffield United and each of the incident Concerned”. The referee would get a Signal on the watch or the headphones, because the point of view of seven cameras had been concealed in the area of the gate of goalkeeper, defenders and Torstange. In 9’000 Play of goal-line technology has already been used, but have never had such a view of disability.

Distortion of competition due to a failed decision?

For Sheffield, the fight for a place in the Champions League, the excuse is no consolation. For Aston Villa, by contrast, the given point may be at the end of the season Gold value. The Team is still table second-to-last and Stand would get off now, but the Teams at the top of the table are separated only by a few points. Well, the final point is more the League can mean.

If Sheffield wants to appeal the FA, is still unclear. In addition, the question of why the VAR is not intervened in spite of the obvious incorrect decision, even.



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