There is Strong Evidence of Corona Virus from China Lab


Former Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, believe that corona virus comes from a laboratory in China. He also said America should ask Chinese leaders to be open and honest about the origins of COVID-19.

“Evidence strongly indicates that the coronavirus jumped out of a Chinese laboratory,” Pence said at an event in Washington detikINET from USA Today, Thursday (15/7/2021).

However, the vice president who served in the era of President Donald Trump’s administration did not reveal strong evidence as to what he meant. In the past, Trump also said he believed the Corona virus had leaked from the lab, but also did not show any relevant evidence.

Pence also criticized the Joe Biden government for rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO). He accused the WHO of being controlled by China. Biden is also accused of wanting to stop the search for the origin of the Corona virus before changing his mind.

US intelligence itself has not reached a conclusion as to where the first source came from corona virus COVID-19. Biden recently asked intelligence to investigate him more seriously.

As reported, the consensus of most scientists agrees that the Corona virus originated in nature, most likely bats, before jumping to humans. The same thing has happened in the past, for example the SARS virus.

However, some scientists also value investigations into the possibility of corona virus leaks from the laboratory still need to be done because the theory can not be completely countered.

On the other hand, Pence said America should not fund scientific research in China because a lot of bad things are being done there according to him. “Under no circumstances should the United States allow public or private funding for science laboratories in China,” he said.

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