There are cigarettes and shoes in Maura Magnalia’s coffin, Nurul Arifin gives an explanation

PEOPLE’S MIND – The big family of Golkar Politicians, Nurul Arifin mourning the death of a child, Maura’s great works.

In the funeral process Maura’s great works, it looks like there are cigarettes and bottles of mineral water.

In response to this, Nurul Arifin said if these objects are items that are often carried and liked by the child.

In addition, there are also a number of Maura’s favorite items in the coffin. Feeling so lost, Nurul Arifin admitted that he did not want his eldest daughter to be lonely in the afterlife.

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With that reason, Nurul Arifin include a number of favorite items belonging to the child in the coffin.

It was revealed Nurul Arifin when he met journalists covering Maura’s funeral.

This member of the DPR RI admitted to putting Maura’s favorite items in the coffin.

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