The story of the young man who died, was resurrected 20 minutes later and confirmed that there is life after death | New Web Diary

Do you believe in life after death? Zack Clements’ testimony confirms it.

This is the story of a 17-year-old athlete whose life changed completely the day he fell into a coma. Zack was in the middle of a football game when he suddenly fell to the ground. His companions tried to revive him, but the situation was very complicated.

The ambulance arrived, and according to the paramedics, “it was one of the most serious situations they had ever seen.”

The teenager was transported to the nearest Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas; but when The doctors met with Zack’s parents and gave him the worst news of all: his son was 20 minutes dead.

What happened? Zack suffered cardiac trauma due to a problem in the rhythm of the heartbeatthe coronary artery was abnormal and small, so during the match it suffered an inflammation, which caused the accident.

But after 20 minutes, Zack’s heart began to beat on its own.

According to the doctors, his body temperature was reduced, so that the brain was able to recover from the cardiac trauma it had suffered. All the medical staff were surprised, because nobody recovers from an accident like this so quickly.

When Zack was able to talk to his parents he told them what he saw while he was ‘dead’.

According to the young man, a man with a thick beard, blue eyes, and long curly hair approached him. “He put his hand on my shoulder and told me everything was going to be fine. He made me feel as if someone was taking care of me”, he confesses excitedly.

This experience changed Zack’s life, who he says is now a much stronger person, and he doesn’t care about the criticism his story receives. “People can discuss science and logic, but they can’t discuss someone’s personal experience,” argues his father.

Zack does not know if it was God, Saint Peter or some distant relative, the truth is that according to him he lived this experience and affirms that there is ‘life after death’.

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