The statue of Cristiano Ronaldo that generates controversy in India

Cristiano Ronaldo has more than one statue in different parts of the world and just as in the Real Madrid museum at the Santiago Bernabéu or in Madeira, Portugal have rebuilt the image of the Manchester United crack, something similar happened in India. Even so, there was more than one who expressed their questions about deciding to honor him there and the controversy was established.

In the state of GOA, located in western India with coasts stretching along the Arabian Sea, they built a large bronze statue and the aim was to inspire the youngest. Despite the fact that many are probably motivated by seeing the Portuguese, the questioning went through an ideological side.

Taking into account that Goa was once a colony of Portugal, so many of its inhabitants lived in the country or have families there, the debate was opened as to why they did not choose to create a statue honoring someone who was born and raised in Goa. . More than one player came to defend the colors of the Indian team and several citizens considered this statue an insult to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Goa’s independence from Portugal.

Despite the fact that the main sport in the region is cricket, football is slowly consolidating itself among the most important and local legislator Michael Lobo told on Twitter that the statue has been installed “at the request of our youth” to take football “to greater heights”.

Other statues of CR7

He is the most outstanding Portuguese in recent years. That is why in Madeira, Portugal, they decided to place a statue of the current Manchester United player. The issue was that the inhabitants of the place and, mainly the tourists, were taking particular photos over time. Even so, in a compilation of images it can be seen that some do not take the bust of CR7 very seriously …

The particular photos with the statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira.

Meanwhile, at the Real Madrid museum at the Santiago Bernabéu they made another one that is related to CR7. The statue was made by the Spanish artist José Antonio Navarro Arteaga. And the reason that led him to do it was that unpopular sculpture of the Portuguese since his 3-year-old son asked him if he could make one that is “beautiful”. “Traté to reflect the inner strength of his personality, when he is about to take a free kick or a corner kick “He added in a talk with the newspaper El Mundo.


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