The seventh person! Insinye slashed 100 balls for Napoli, the game slashed Juve

The overjoyed Lorenzo Inzinye was a hero who scored the winning goal, Panapoli slashed Juventus 1-0 in the Italian Serie A Serie A game on Saturday. Up to hold the top flow It was also the seventh man to score 100 goals in the Azura shirt color.

Lorenzo Insinye Vanguard of Napoli Make history for yourself By scoring 100 goals for “Azura” In the open game, the house slash wins. Juventus 1-0 in the Serie A Italian Serie A on Saturday (February 13), resulting in the seventh player in the team to do.

The San Paolo game ended with a win for the locals. With the goal in the 30th minute of the penalty stroke Giorgio Chiellini Use his hand to hit the face of Amir Rah, come here. Home support Before being Lorenzo Insinye Killed in the door Is the 100th goal in the color of the club shirt

And is considered to be the seventh person to proceed after Dries Mertens, Marek Hamsik, Diego Maradona, Attila Sallustro, Edinson Cavani and Antonio Voyak

“We are very happy with the results. But the most important thing is to show that We work as a team and fight together. We are still a united team and we bring home the victory. ” The 29-year-old spearhead spoke after the game.

Meanwhile Insinye Who missed the previous three penalties against Juve Also confirmed that The coach and teammates believe in themselves. And that is enough

This victory makes Napoli Came to rank 4 with 40 points from 21 shots equal Roma and Lazio After “zebra” Rank 3 is only 2 points, but is behind the leader. AC Milan As far as 9 points by playing the same game The next match is preparing to go to visit Granada From Spain in the Europa League round of 32 teams, the first match on February 18




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