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The senior residence where she works the woman who gave positive in La Gomera may not receive visits | Radio Club Tenerife


The largest of the residence of Valle Gran Rey in the working women who tested positive in coronavirus on the island of La Gomera are isolated. The Canary islands Government has decided to ban the visits until the results of the tests that I have done so much to them as to the rest of the center staff and to all the people who have been in contact with them in the past few days. Health expected to know for the last time this Tuesday. The head of the department of Epidemiology, Domingo Núñez Gallo, has pointed out that women continued to provide its services in the center to have a suspicion of being infected of the disease.

The minister of Health of the Government of the Canary islands, Teresa Cross, next to the councillor of Public Administrations, Justice and Security, Julio Perez, and the chief of Epidemiology of the Directorate-General of Public Health, Domingo Nunez, appeared Thursday at a press conference after the conclusion of the Council of Government to update the existing information with respect to the five positive for coronavirus detected in the Canary islands. Cross Oval remarked that all the cases “continue in a good state of health” and highlighted the work done by all the professionals involved in the operating, in such a way that the Canary islands can say, without a doubt, that it is a safe Community for both visitors and local residents.”

Cross Oval began his intervention by explaining that, of the five positive cases, all are in a good state of health, and two remain asymptomatic. The latter was confirmed in the night of yesterday, in La Gomera, being a citizen who had made a trip to Italy and, upon returning to the Canary islands and after being in home isolation in the last days, we performed the relevant tests.

The minister highlighted the fact that “we have a health system that, immediately and effectively, has been able to detect the possible cases that have arrived,” stressing that “all are imported.”

On the other hand, Teresa Cruz reported the modification of the order issued on the 24th to identify the measures to be taken, so that “workers will be able to enter and exit the hotel, adopting the necessary measures of protection to intervene with normal life.”

To do this, we sum concerning 130 people from 11 different nationalities, who came to the hotel on the day 24, they “have not had contact with the positive” and be allowed to leave the hotel staying under their own personal watch. To this end a meeting was held in the morning of today (Thursday) with the different consulates affected, finding “good predisposition to be able to transfer to the different citizens to their countries of origin”.

The efforts today are aimed to be flexible in the departure of the guests, in the absence of having the final ratification by the judicial authorities.

The counselor also reported that at the present time they are analyzing samples of suspected cases of coronavirus in the whole of the Canary islands, noting that all the obtained in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have thrown a negative result and confirming later that the analyzed in the province of Las Palmas have also been negative. Cross Oval showed its appreciation to the workers of the Canary islands Health Service “by the huge amount of work” done these days, “providing a service to the whole of the citizenship canaria”.

For his part, Domingo Núñez stressed that “we are detecting the possible infections that are able to come from the outside, by adopting the measures necessary in each individual case”, evaluating “so far there has been no transmission in our territory.”

The head of Epidemiology of the Directorate-General of Public Health also reported that steps are being taken and taking samples to the people who have been able to maintain direct contact with the positive case of La Gomera.

The ministry of Health maintains activated a toll-free number (900 112 061), from which a Nursing team, under the coordination of the Emergency department Canario (SUC), will respond to requests for information from the public on prevention measures, possibilities of contagion, and false concepts related to the virus.

In addition, it points to the importance of the people who feel they may have symptoms related to the coronavirus (cough, sore throat, fever, and shortness of breath) and who have returned in the last 14 days of any areas of risk or been related to someone from those points, to get in contact with the 1-1-2, avoiding to go directly to the Primary Care centers or Hospital Emergency services. Through that pathway, they will manage the extraction of samples in your own home.



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