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The revenge of John Bolton to Donald Trump: “Stunningly uninformed” and corrupt


Uighurs in concentration Camps

Even scarier: Than Xi in a Private interview, Trump explained why Beijing is the Muslim Uighur minority in concentration camps, have Trump approved of this. “According to our interpreter, Trump said that Xi should go ahead with the construction of the camp, and says that he think that this was exactly the Right thing,” says Bolton’s book.

Because Trump criminal have legal US investigation against the Turkish “Halkbank” to the direct Intervention of President Erdogan and “dictators that he liked to do was a personal Favor to ready”, speaks to Bolton Trump a “pattern of behavior” that “looked like obstruction of justice as an everyday business”.

The 71-Year-old, who served under President George W. Bush and long the US Ambassador to the United Nations, wants to have talked about it several times with the Minister of justice, Bill Barr.

“He’s full of shit”

Disadvantageous to the book, whose planned extradition dispute with trump’s lawyers next week because the court is questionable, even for incumbent members of the Cabinet. About foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, who is fond of trump’s biggest Fan and unconditional vicarious agents out there. During the first, insubstantial outgoing summit with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-2018 in Singapore, Pompeo Bolton have put a Trump coined hand-written note. Content literally translated: “he’s full Of shit.” Trumps Attempts to move Pyongyang to the task of nuclear weapons, the chief US Diplomat, would have “zero probability of success”.

Can never listen to

More gold nuggets from the book: secret service Briefings for Trump were a “waste of time” because most of the time Trump had to listen to talk instead. In Venezuela would be “cool to invade,” because the country “is really a part of the United States,” said Trump. Said Xi Jinping Trump, that he would be afflicted in America, to change the Constitution to allow more than two terms to complete.

His son Jared Kushner-in-law, officer of Trump multiple times to all those responsible for the past with dubious diplomatic and special missions, which caused great resentment. Behind Trumps back closest associates mokierten themselves on a regular basis about the President.

Journalists executed

Many of the Top Official, such as the fiscal steward chief of staff, General John Kelly, had very flirted early with resignation, because they could not it. Journalists called Trump “bastards”, which belonged to the prison, so they revealed their sources open. “These people should be executed,” said Trump once according to Bolton literally.



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