The province of Buenos Aires will have free vaccination against covid during the summer regardless of the origin of the tourists

The Minister of Health of the Buenos Aires province, Nicolas Kreplak, said this Thursday that after the implementation of the health pass, Anyone can be vaccinated in Bonarense territory, regardless of their address.

“In the Province we have free vaccine from 3 years, in the first and second doses. Which means that anyone older than that age will be able to get vaccinated“said the minister during an interview with Radio Miter.

“What we arranged is that as of December 21, when the health pass begins, we vaccinate anywhere“He added. And he stressed that” vaccination centers are open from Monday to Monday. “

The province of Buenos Aires ordered the implementation of a health pass As of December 21, which will certify that the complete vaccination scheme against the coronavirus has been complied with.

Buenos Aires residents or visitors who arrive on vacation to the Province must present it to attend mass events, cultural, sports, religious and recreational activities in closed spaces.

It will also reach party halls and bowling alleys, weddings, events and meetings with great participation of people. The measure covers bars and restaurants, and applies to people over 13 years of age.

The minister clarified that it will not be necessary to wait 14 days from the vaccination to obtain the pass. “We have already solved the operational issues so that it is loaded at the national level. And the vaccine is loaded automatically in the system, or the next day,” he said.

Kreplak insisted that the pass “aims to take the step that is missing for a percentage of the population that has not received the vaccine.”

“There are 14 million Buenos Aires who have received the first dose and 12 million who have received the second. Those 2 million people who did not complete the scheme have fewer defenses“, he specified.

The minister said the province is seeking that the laggards complete the immunization scheme. Photo: EFE

“All over the world there is a health pass. This issue is a discussion that the world has resolved six months ago. Today the world is discussing the mandatory vaccination, not this“, said the minister, defending the implementation of the pass.

The official also raised his doubts about the possibility that vaccination is mandatory. “I don’t know if it is necessary because if we have 90% of the population vaccinated it does not need to be mandatory for the entire population“.

“In the Province we have 85% of the population with one dose and 73% with two. We have to reach 90% and that is the objective of the health pass. If that happens and it works, it is not necessary to advance to a mandatory nature” he explained.

The minister clarified that for now the means of transport are not covered by the health pass: “Perhaps it will be a later stage. If we do not achieve the objective, perhaps we will advance to the means of transport, which is a greater complication.”

On the Omicron variant, the new threat to the advance of the pandemic worldwide, Kreplak said that it is still in a hurry to test definitions.

“I don’t have much reason to think that it is much milder than the other variants. It seems that it produces more reinfections. Perhaps that is why it has milder effects, because people who already have the disease get sick then they suffer less. In two or three more weeks we will have more details. What if it is more contagious, “he concluded.



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