News the oppositions claim that there is a " weakening...

the oppositions claim that there is a ” weakening of the State “


Defend the forces of law and order the better to blame the executive. Under fire from critics after the gatherings related to the case of Adama Traoré, but also faces accusations of racism in its ranks, the police is now back at the heart of the political debate.

While France assisted in the school for several consecutive nights to the violence between gangs in Dijon, the opposition mainly from the right and the extreme right have expressed their support to the police and complained “a situation of a severity previously unheard-of “according to Marine Le Pen, president of the Rassemblement national (RN). Oppositions that have been continuously in the past twenty-four hours of scratching hard-an executive they accuse of being at the origin of a “disintegration of the State “in the words of Eric Ciotti, member of The Republican (LR) of the Alpes-Maritimes.

For each one, the events of Dijon were given the chance to defend its political positions and to charge the government beyond the mere fact of various. Marine Le Pen visited, Tuesday, June 16, at Dijon to hold a press conference. Making the link between the violence in Côte-d’or and the events held at the call of the committee of The truth to Adama, the leader of the RN felt that France was “woke up in the cries of hatred former, this racial hatred under the guise of anti-racism and this hatred communitarian antifrançaise “.

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On Monday, she was doing a output noticed on the social networks, blaming the “politicians irresponsible “ their willingness to “disarm the police “. A clear reference to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, member of parliament for Marseille and leader of The France insubordinate, which had called for a “police also disarmed as possible “. “The minister of the interior himself, dropped his the forces of order. Our #police will they still be keen to intervene, at the risk of be called a racist ? “declared then the member of parliament for Pas-de-Calais, on Twitter.

“The Republic is blindfolded “

On Tuesday, it is his lieutenant, Bruno Bilde, who stopped Christophe Castaner, the interior minister, during questions to the government accusing him of having “betrayed and humiliated “ the forces of law and order. After having listed the names of police officers who have fallen in the exercise of their functions as Arnaud Beltrame, the elected representative of the Pas-de-Calais has asked : “Are you the first cop of France or the protector of the offenders ? “ On Twitter, Bruno Bilde has included in its declaration a demand for the resignation of Christophe Castaner : “Submission to the #Traore and laxity towards the racialistes : @CCastanerit is time to go ! “

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