Sport The NEC is nearing a deal with the 'big...

The NEC is nearing a deal with the ‘big international club’: ‘a Very good transfer for us


Anthony Musaba is a very good transfer for FORUM. This is reported by a general director, Wilco van Schaik, Wednesday, during a supportersavond at de Goffert, according to fan site Forza NEC. Musaba seems to be on his way to AS Monaco.

Musaba is in the interest of, among others, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, AC Milan and Valencia, but it is on it’s way to League 1. As Monaco is willing to more than two million dollars to pay for it, although, he adds, there is no communication about doing it. The NEC has a doorverkooppercentage required.

“We have been involved in this process, and with Anthony and his family in, he adds, as quoted. “He’s going to be a very good transfer for the NEC, which is the most important thing in this coronatijd. There is something to be proud of, that he was going to be a big foreign club. There is a doorverkooppercentage in addition, it is common for this type of transfer.”



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