The most watched Netflix movie of November in the world

The film managed to break records, position itself at the top of the rankings and stand out internationally. Established Hollywood stars perform

From series and documentaries to own films, Netflix it is full of successes. The platform put aside its role as a mere streaming service and became a production company that did not generate successes. This time he went all out and reunited Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in “Red Notice”, a film that broke all records in the month of November.

The film has a plot that, while simple, has plot twists and jokes that make it extremely interesting. A expert thief he runs into an FBI agent who is charged with the theft of a priceless antique. Together, they seek to commit a great crime that clears the agent’s name and, on the other hand, satisfies the criminal. From there a round trip is generated between Reynolds and Johnson who must fight against Gadot to fulfill their objective.

The ending, in addition to having a surprise guest, break with everything the movie told and surprises viewers with a strange role reversal.

Now, the premise sounds compelling and that was demonstrated with the numbers. Netflix, which was coming off as big a hit as it was The squid game, I expected at least similar numbers. Even more so considering that it meant an investment of 200 million dollars.

The movie not only became the most viewed of the month of November Instead, according to the data provided by the platform itself, between the 22nd and the 28th it reached an accumulated 50.56 million hours played, surpassing all kinds of record in viewings of movies that Netflix had under its belt.

Will there be a sequel?

As a result of this enormous success, the fans – and the producers – begin to think about a possible second part. The screenwriter and director of the film, Rawson Marshall Thruber, confirmed in dialogue with Collider that the “conversations” began with Netflix. “I am not working on the script for the sequel but I have been thinking about how it would continue,” he said.

Ranking of Most Viewed Movies on Netflix

The fans demand it but there is still nothing defined. If done, it would take several years for the final result to be seen. Since there is no script yet, you would have to wait for it to be written, produced, shot, edited and finally seen on screen. For the moment, you have to settle, in cinemas and Netflix, with Red Alert.


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